Walk into Dahao production workshop

Walk into Dahao production workshop


Dahao as a factory company, the complete production line provides a strong guarantee for products and services. Every production workshop plays an indispensable role. Today mainly introduces the workshop of Dahao seat cushion. The seat pad shop is only a small link in the production chain, but it also plays an important role.

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Dahao seat cushion workshop, there are 30 sewing machines, in addition to the main equipment of the sewing machine, the workshop also synchronization machine, edge wrapping machine, double needle machine and other important equipment. As an auxiliary function of the seat cushion workshop, the main products are all kinds of cushions for wheelchairs, as well as other mesh and leather products. Unique small-scale production line, efficient production speed, perfect production equipment, fundamentally ensure the uninterrupted supply of cushion products.

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